Arweave: State of the Ecosystem

Thoughts on the key components of the Arweave ecosystem as we build out a permanent, digital, open commons for humanity’s knowledge

Created with help from DALL.E

Understanding Arweave

  1. Decentralized storage: If you upload a file to Arweave, it is replicated to and stored in the hard drives of a number of miners in the world. These miners are rewarded with AR tokens when (during mining) they prove they hold your data, similar to rewards in Bitcoin. Arweave employs a variant of Proof-of-Work called Proof-of-Access that requires proving storage of random chunks of past data.
  2. Endowment model: Arweave storage financing works on an a perpetual endowment model. When you upload a piece of data, you pay up front for 200 years of storage, in AR (the native token of Arweave). A large portion of this goes into an endowment and is paid out to miners over time, proportional to their cost of storage of your data every block. The key here is that the cost of storage of data is perpetually declining due to technological advancement. If this rate is just 0.5%, then your up-front payment is perpetual, since 0.005*200 = 1 year.



"format": 2,
"id": "3pXpj43Tk8QzDAoERjHE3ED7oEKLKephjnVakvkiHF8",
"last_tx": "NpeIbi93igKhE5lKUMhH5dFmyEsNGC0fb2Qysggd-kM",
"owner": "posmE...psEok",
"tags": [],
"target": "pEbU_SLfRzEseum0_hMB1Ie-hqvpeHWypRhZiPoioDI",
"quantity": "10000000000",
"data_root": "PGh0b...RtbD4",
"data_size": "234234",
"data": "VGVzdA",
"reward": "321579659",
"signature": "fjL0N...f2UMk"
DataItem format
  1. Allow for arbitrarily scaling Arweave data uploads.
  2. Allow for signing and paying for Arweave data with other blockchain wallets.
  3. Cannot perform AR transfers.


[Credit: DMac]
  • Unbundling
  • Transaction/block header querying (via GraphQL)
  • Caching
  • Secure Sockets
  • App rendering




Atomic NFTs

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